Shekhar Gaikwad advises sugar mills on monthly sale quota



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Pune: Even as the cane crushing season comes to an end, sugar mills in Maharashtra have not paid the full Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP) to sugarcane farmers. To discuss the non-payment of arrears, sugar commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad had called for the meeting of sugar mills, who paid less than 70 per cent of FRP, on Friday. 30 mills out of 44 were present during the meet.

In a meeting, millers cited that they are unable to sell according to monthly sale quota fixed by Central government, due to which they failed to make timely payment to cane growers.

Representatives of several mills demanded an extension of the deadline for payments to sugarcane farmers. The mills whose representatives were absent during the meet may face action at any time.

Gaikwad advises to sugar mills that if they are unable to sell according to monthly sale quota, then they should not sit idle. He said, “Mills should get into retail, so this is how they will find a way to sell remaining sugar.”

“10 sugar mills have agreed to pay the farmers till the end of April and 10 mills by the end of May”, he further added.

The Commissioner has clarified that the mills should take steps to sell sugar.

Till the end of March, sugar mills owe Rs 4800 crores to cane growers.



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