Shri Chhatrapati sugar mill sets target of crushing 14 lakh tonnes of cane for 2022-23 season


Walchandnagar: Shri Chhatrapati Cooperative sugar mill based in Bhavaninagar (Indapur), has set a target to crush 14 lakh tonnes of cane for the 2022-23 season, said Prashant Kate, chairman of the sugar mill and Amol Patil, vice-chairman of the mill.

The duo along with the other officials conducted puja of the roller of the mill for the forthcoming crushing season.

As per the news published in Marathi daily ‘Agrowan’, during the programme, Kate said that the mill is getting ready to start operations for the next season. Around 11 lakh tonnes of cane is available for crushing in the jurisdiction of the mill and we have set a target to crush 3 lakh tonne more cane that will be procured from the neighbouring region.

The mill has issued contracts of cane transport to 583 tractors, 1000 bullock carts and 660 tractor-trolleys to procure cane.

The repair work of the machinery is at the final stage and maintenance and repair work of all the departments in the mill will be completed soon. During the last crushing season, the mill had crushed 12,51,795 tonnes of sugarcane.



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