Shri Subodh Kumar Singh inaugurates “Interactive Seminar Room” at National Sugar Institute

Kanpur: The newly constructed “Interactive Seminar Room” at National Sugar Institute, Kanpur was inaugurated today by Shri Subodh Kumar Singh, Joint Secretary (Sugar & Administration), Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Government of India. The Seminar Room is one of its own kind having digital podium, interactive and display screens with sound tracking cameras to identify the participant who raises any question. The same is ideally suited for arranging lectures of overseas experts said Mr. Narendra Mohan, Director, National Sugar Institute, Kanpur.

Shri Subodh Kumar Singh, Joint Secretary (Sugar & Administration), lauded the institute effort in effective use of information & communication technology for improving academics during Covid crisis. He suggested development and use of Apps for providing solution to various technical problems of sugar, ethanol & allied industries. This can save time, expenditure on travel, quicker solution and thus faster implementation of recommendation, he said.

He also visited various departments to gather knowledge about their working, particularly, research work and efforts to enhance the revenue generation. He showed his keen interest to know activities of speciality sugar division and methodology for preparing sugar standards for marketing the sugar in the country. Director, National Sugar Institute also briefed him about a novel process of cane juice primary clarification based on centrifugation developed by the institute and also about studies on edible molasses. Molasses can be a rich and cheap source for calcium, carbohydrates and minerals said Director, National Sugar Institute.

Shri Subodh Kumar Singh, Joint Secretary (Sugar & Administration) also had a look at grain plus molasses based ethanol unit and suggested better exploitation of the facility by conducting trials of more feed stocks viz. cassava, sugar beet and sweet sorghum to assess their potential of ethanol production. He expressed his satisfaction over work being done by the institute on developing value added products from the by-products and waste from the sugar industry. This is to be taken forward for making sugar factories economically viable, he said.


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