Small Sugar Ends Mixed In Mute Trade


Mumbai, Aug 27 (PTI) Small sugar prices ended mixed in an otherwise mute Vashi wholesale market here today on alternate bouts of buying and selling.

While, medium sugar prices held stable in absence of any large-scale buying support.

Small sugar (S-30) quoted at Rs 3,122/3,212 per quintal from last Saturday’s closing level of Rs 3,110/3,225.

Medium sugar (M-30) closed unchanged to Rs 3,220/3,452.

Following are today’s closing rates for sugar (per quintal) with the previous rates given in brackets:

Small sugar (S-30) quality: Rs 3,122/3,212 (Rs 3,110/3,225).

Medium sugar (M-30) quality: Rs 3,220/3,452 (Rs 3,220/3,452).



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