“Smuggling of sugar to Bangladesh would drastically come down”

The BSF Meghalaya Frontier assured that the smuggling of sugar and onions to Bangladesh would see a significant reduction.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Inspector General (IG) of the BSF Meghalaya Frontier, Harbax Singh Dhillon stated that sugar smuggling has already decreased and is expected to decrease further with the increased deployment of border forces.

He also mentioned that they have extensively discussed this issue with the Chief Minister, Deputy Minister and Home Minister, Chief Secretary, and DGP, as well as with the Border Guards of Bangladesh (BGB).

Dhillon emphasized commitment to minimizing sugar smuggling to the lowest possible levels.

Furthermore, he stressed the importance of NGOs educating local populations to refrain from such activities.

“There is a need for people to pursue other livelihood options. Residents in border villages should prioritize education and explore alternative livelihoods,” he said.


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