South Africa: Demand to increase sugar tax from 11 per cent to 20 per cent

Cape Town: Healthy Living Alliance (Heala), the non profit organization is demanding hike in sugar tax in South Africa. The organisation has submitted a memorandum to the treasury with 17000 signatures for its support.

The sugar tax was introduced in 2018 to reduce the use of sugar in carbonated soft drinks. Now Helala wants to increase it from 11 per cent to 20 per cent. They are also demanding to include fruit juices in tax ambit that have high sugar content.

Lawrence Mbalati, Programmes manager at Heala said, “This has been implemented in many countries and we have example of UK where sugar consumption has been decreased due to tax on sugar. The treasury is yet to respond to this.

Many countries, like the United Kingdom, Thailand, France, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, and as well some US states, have introduced a tax on sugary drinks over the past few years.

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