Sri Lanka asks residents to cut down on sugar consumption

Sri Lanka’s Minister of Health, Ramesh Pathirana, has underscored the potential benefits for both the populace and the economy if the country reduces its sugar intake, reported local media.

Addressing a gathering of medical professionals and journalists during the inauguration of a public health website, Minister Pathirana highlighted Sri Lanka’s standing as one of the nations in the South Asia region grappling with a significant diabetic population.

Citing data from The Lancet’s IDF Diabetes Atlas, which shows the prevalence of diabetes in adults across South Asian countries, Pathirana noted that Sri Lanka stands at 8.6%, among the highest in the region alongside India at 8.8%.

Emphasizing the adverse effects of excessive sugar consumption, the minister stressed its detrimental impact on public health and the economy. He revealed that Sri Lanka expends a considerable sum, approximately $300 million, on sugar imports annually.

As a medical practitioner himself, Pathirana urged fellow doctors to counsel their patients on the importance of reducing sugar intake, emphasizing the critical role healthcare professionals play in promoting healthier dietary habits.


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