Sri Lanka, Bangladesh keen to import ethanol from India

New Delhi: Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have shown interest in importing ethanol produced in India for blending it with petrol and diesel and this can help in increasing the income of Indian farmers, reports The Hindu Business Line.

Ethanol economy can transform the economy of rural India, said Road and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari during the launch of the world’s first BS-VI (Stage II) electrified flex-fuel vehicle prototype from Toyota Kirloskar Motor.

“We are exporting petrol and diesel to Bangladesh via pipeline from Numaligarh. During our meeting with Bangladesh Prime Minister and Sri Lanka’s minister, they asked us whether we can export ethanol to these countries,” said Gadkari.

Commending the efforts of the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) in the field of biofuels, Gadkari emphasized that such initiatives are crucial for expanding the ethanol economy within India. He pointed out that ethanol has substantial potential to contribute to the growth of rural and agricultural sectors in the country.

The IOC, operating at the Numaligarh refinery in Assam, has successfully ventured into producing ethanol from bamboo. Despite the associated capital costs, the commendable aspect is the willingness of the oil marketing company (OMC) to undertake such ventures. These endeavors hold the potential to stimulate economic resurgence in the rural regions of India.



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