Sri Lanka government fixes MRP for sugar

The Sri Lanka government has issued a gazette fixing the maximum retail price (MRP) for sugar as a step to arrest the rising prices.

As per the government, the new MRP for white sugar (packed) is Rs 125 per kilo while the white sugar (unpacked) will cost Rs 122 per kg. The brown sugar (packed) will be for Rs 128 per kg and brown sugar (unpacked) Rs 125 per kg.

The government has launched the drive to seize hoarded sugar in the country to contain the soaring food prices. A special retired military official has been appointed to perform the task of sugar seizure.

On Wednesday, the government had seized 29,000 tonnes of sugar that were found hoarded at several places in the country and officials said that it would be sold to the consumers at the price fixed by the government.

Amid the foreign exchange crisis, Sri Lanka had declared an economic emergency a few days ago allowing the authorities to seize stocks of staple foods and set their prices to keep a check on inflation.


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