State-wise monthly sugar quota for sale in April 2021

New Delhi, 31st March 2021: In a notification issued on the 31st March 2021, the food ministry has allocated quota of 22 LMT monthly for the month of March 2021 to each of 548 mills in India which is 4 LMT higher than that quota allocated in April 2020. In the previous month the Govt. allocated 21 LMT monthly sugar quota for March 2021 to 552 mills.

The statewise quota for March 2021 is as follows: Andhra Pradesh25349 MT, Bihar 49352 MT, Chhattisgarh 4852 MT, Goa 0 MT, Gujarat 60569 MT, Haryana 48023 MT, Karnataka 335543 MT, Madhya Pradesh 40864 MT, Maharashtra 825941 MT, Orissa  155 MT, Punjab 54617 MT, Rajasthan 1031 MT, Tamil Nadu 36094 MT, Telangana 7349 MT, Uttar Pradesh 676228 MT, Uttarakhand 34027 MT.


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