State-wise monthly sugar quota for sale in December 2023

In a notification issued on November 28, the food ministry has allocated 24 LMT monthly sugar quota for December 2023 to 562 mills which is 2 LMT higher than the quantity allocated in December 2022 (22 LMT).

In the last month i.e. in November 2023 the allocated sugar quota for domestic sale was 23 LMT along with quota extension of first tranche to November 30, 2023.

According to market experts, the sugarcane crushing season is in full swing in the new sugar season of 2023-24 with UP, Maharashtra, Karnataka etc. picking up sugar production operations. It will help to maintain sugar availability in the market. As the festival season is over, and also prices are cooling off, 24 LMT quota is likely to pressurize the sugar prices in the near term.

Check the allocation list state wise sugar quota


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