Sugar beet production in Russia likely to increase by 5 per cent

Moscow: Sugar beet production in Russia is likely to increase by 5% as against the preceding year, said the Russian Sugar Producers’ Union industry lobby on Monday.

The sugar refineries in the country have started processing this year’s crop, said the industry lobby.

Over the last 15 years, the country has doubled its sugar output to become self-sufficient and end its reliance on imports. Since Moscow sent troops to Ukraine on February 24, the prices of sugar and other food items have jumped sharply and the supply of a commodity is in focus.

The processing of sugar beet has begun at the four sugar processing plants in the southern Krasnodar region and the other refineries would join them soon, said the union.

In 2021, Russia produced 41.2 million tonnes of sugar beet. An increase in sugar beet production would help the country to meet the domestic demand as well as the demand of the neighbouring countries.


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