Sugar commissioner strict on mills selling sugar beyond monthly sale quota


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Pune: Eight sugar mills in Maharashtra found selling sugar beyond the monthly sale quota fixed by Central government. They are likely to face action under the Essential Commodities Act.

In a bid to stymie supply of sugar and keep prices stable, last year, the central government had issued the release mechanism in the sugar sector and imposed a monthly sale quota on each mill. Also, fixed minimum selling price (MSP) at Rs 31 per kg. However, the sugar commissioner’s office has received several complaints about mills selling sugar below the MSP.

Following which commissioner office inspected mills who were under suspicion of underselling their products. During the inspection, office did not any concrete evidence against them, but it is unearthed eight mills flouted the norm and sold sugar beyond monthly sale quota.

Sugar commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad said, “In addition to filing an FIR against the sugar factories selling sugar beyond the quota, we will approach central and state government to exclude such mills to avail soft loan scheme and to restrict aid for them.”

“Our investigation will also continue for the month of April.” he further added.

Mills across Maharashtra are facing a severe liquidity crunch due to low sale and are in under pressure to clear pending cane arrears of sugarcane farmers.

Till the end of March, sugar mills in Maharashtra owe Rs 4,800 crores to cane growers.


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