Sugar companies in Kenya owe millions of dollars in salaries to employees

Sugarcane scarcity, bad financial condition has impacted the sugar companies in Kenya, and therefore mills are struggling to survive. According to the reports, sugar companies in the country owe USD 27.2 million to mill workers.

Chemelil, Muhoroni, Sony, Mumias and Nzoia companies are yet to pay their workers from the last several years.

Management from Chemelil cites a decline in sugarcane supply, low sugar price and high cost of production as a reason for the non-payment of workers salary.

In March 2019, farmers stopped sugarcane supply to sugar mill due to pending dues, following which mill had to shut the milling operations.

The financial condition of workers associated with these mills is worsening day-by-day as they have not received salaries from many years. Workers claim that they are unable to feed their families, nor able to pay school fees of their children.

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