Sugar consumption affected due to Covid-19 pandemic


The sugar consumption by Indians is likely to down by around 5 per cent in the 2020-22 period due to the Covid-19 pandemic, said the industry experts. The loss in demand is around 2.6 million tonnes of sugar.

According to the news report published in the Economic Times, Ravi Gupta, president, Shree Renuka Sugar at a webinar organised by the Technology Transfer Association said, “In 2020-21, the sugar consumption was expected to be 26.63 million tonnes but the actual consumption was down by 1.2 million tonnes to 25.4 million tonnes. In 2021-22 the sugar consumption is expected to be 27.16 million tonnes but the actual demand is likely to be around 25.8 million tonnes, down by 1.4 million tonnes.”

Thus, the cumulative fall in sugar consumption during 2020-21 and 2021-22 is expected to be 2.6 million tonnes against the cumulative expected sale of 53.79 million tonnes, down by 4.83 per cent.

Restrictions on large gatherings for weddings, parties and celebrations due to the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in falling sugar consumptions, said experts.

Industrial sugar demand which accounts for 60% of sugar produced in the country also was lower as the sales of cold drinks and ice creams were hit due to the pandemic.


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