Sugar dispute: Thailand plans to put pressure on Indian government


The Thai Sugar Millers Corporation (TSMC) claims that country’s sugar exports are affected by price fluctuations due to sugar export subsidies by the Indian government.

According to the news report published in Bangkok Post, the TSMC plans to ask the Industry Ministry to assist Thai sugar industry by putting pressure on the Indian government.
Pramode Vidtayasuk, president of TSMC, said, “Along with Thailand, Australian Sugar Milling Council (ASMC) and Australian cane growers are ready to come together to put pressure on the Indian government.”

Australia, Brazil and Guatemalan governments had initiated a dispute against India in WTO stating that the subsidies caused sugar glut in the international market leading to a drop in the commodity prices.

The Indian sugar industry is suffering from various hurdles from the last two to three years, and to bring the sector out of the crisis, the government had introduced various measures. Countering the countries claims, India maintains that its subsidies are in line with the WTO rule.

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