Sugar Drops On Soaring Stock, Weak Demand

ChiniMandi, New Delhi, Aug 23 (PTI) Sugar prices declined by  Rs. 50 per quintal at the wholesale market in the national capital today following bumper stocks and limited offtake.

Marketmen said soaring stocks on bumper output amid thin demand from stockist and bulk consume Rs., mainly led to fall in sweetener prices.

Sugar ready M-30 and S-30 prices tumbled by  Rs. 50 each to end the day at  Rs. 3,380-3,490 and  Rs. 3,370-3,480 per quintal.

Mill delivery M-30 and S-30 prices also slipped by  Rs. 45 each to finish the day at  Rs. 3,150-3,285 and  Rs. 3,140-3,275 per quintal.

In mill gate section, sugar Dorala dropped by  Rs. 50 to   Rs. 3,290, while Kinnoni, Asmoli, Budhana and Thanabhavan slide by  Rs. 45 each to  Rs. 3,285,  Rs. 3,260,  Rs. 3,180 and  Rs. 3,170 per quintal.

Prices of Mawana and Sakoti slipped by  Rs. 40 each to  Rs. 3,200 and  Rs. 3,160 while Modinagar lost  Rs. 35 at  Rs. 3,185 and  Dhampur eased by  Rs. 30 to  Rs. 3,150 per quintal.

Following are today’s quotations (in  Rs. per quintal)

Sugar retail markets –  Rs. 35-40 per kg.

Sugar ready: M-30  Rs. 3,380-3,490, S-30  Rs. 3,370-3,480.

Mill delivery: M-30  Rs. 3,150-3,285, S-30  Rs. 3,140-3,375.

Sugar millgate (Excluding Tax): Mawana  Rs. 3,200/-, Kinnoni  Rs. 3,285/-, Asmoli  Rs. 3,260/-,  Dorala  Rs. 3,190/-, Budhana  Rs. 3,180/-,  Thanabhavan  Rs. 3,170/-, Dhanora  Rs. 3,265/-, Simbholi  Rs. 3,280/-, Khatuli Rs. 3,280/-, Dhampur  Rs. 3,150/-, Sakoti 3,160/-, Modinagar Rs.3,185/-, Shamli Rs. 3,180/-, Malakpur  Rs. 3,180/-



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