Sugar exports can be allowed if surplus stock is available: Media report

India will decide on sugar exports after evaluating the final sugarcane sowing and production for the 2024-25 season, as the country anticipates a sugar output of 30 million tonnes next season, reported PTI.

As per media report, sources said that for the current 2023-24 season ending in September, sugar production has reached 31.5 million tonnes so far, with the final output likely to touch 31.8 million tonnes as mills in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka complete crushing. .
Sugar production in the 2024-25 season is projected to be lower at 30 million tonnes due to decreased sowing in Karnataka, sources stated.

“The industry has requested exports of 1 million tonnes of sugar. Given the expected lower sugar output next year and the need for stocks for ethanol production, the government’s priority is to ensure sufficient stock for domestic consumption as well as for ethanol. Exports can be allowed if surplus stock is available,” the source further added.

The government would review the sugar production situation after July, once the monsoon spreads and final sugarcane sowing data becomes available.

Recently, the Indian Sugar and Bio-Energy Manufacturers Association (ISMA) had appealed to the Government to allow the export of 1 million tonnes of sugar during the ongoing season. The Association has revised estimates, suggesting that gross sugar production (without considering diversion) is anticipated to reach 340 lakh tons, up from the initial forecast of 330.5 lakh tons in January 2024. Factoring in an estimated diversion of 20 lakh tonnes of sugar towards ethanol, along with excess stocks of B heavy/ethanol available with distillers, the net projected sugar production for the current season stands at 320 lakh tonnes.

ISMA had urged the Government to consider permitting the export of sugar in the current season, which would not only guarantee a comfortable stock for domestic consumption and sustain the Ethanol Blending Program (EBP) but also contribute to maintaining the financial liquidity of sugar mills, facilitating timely payments to farmers.


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