Sugar factory lays off 380 workers: Media report

Belgavi: In a shocking turn of events, 380 workers were fired from their jobs at Shivsagar Sugar Factory in Udupi village, Ramadurga taluk. Many of these workers had been with the factory for over a decade, and the layoffs have left them distressed and uncertain about their future, reported The Hans India.

For more than ten years, these workers were employed at Shivsagar Sugar Factory, which was vital to the local economy. However, financial problems caused the factory and its associated Agro Product Limited to close in 2017. Arihant Sugar Industries then took over and operated the factory for three years. Recently, Arihanta Sugar Industries handed over the factory to new owners. Just four days ago, the factory changed hands again, and the new owners took control. Instead of continuing operations as usual, the new management decided to lay off all 380 workers. This sudden decision has left the workers, who depend heavily on their jobs, scrambling for solutions

“We are permanent employees of the factory and have been working here for the last 15 years,” said Basavaraja Lingareddy, one of the affected workers. “But now, we have been fired without any reason. The new owners must continue our employment. We will continue our struggle until our job security is reinstated.”

To find a solution, hundreds of displaced workers gathered and submitted a petition to DC Nitesh Patila. They demanded that their jobs be continued and urged the authorities to intervene in what they see as an unfair and sudden termination. The workers emphasized their long-term commitment to the factory and their reliance on these jobs for their livelihood.


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