“Sugar Industry Is Becoming A Sick Industry In Uttar Pradesh”

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Lucknow: Ahead of Lok Sabha polls, Uttar Pradesh government presented a Rs 4.79 lakh crore budget for 2019-20 on February 7. But it has nothing major to offer to cash strapped sugar industry and cane farmers, who are struggling with financial distress.
Anguish farmers said that the budget table by Yogi government has offered no aid to them.
In the budget, the government has made a provision of Rs 50 crore to revive defunct government-owned mills and also Rs 25 crore for cooperative mills. Farmers called that announcements made by government are just a guff.
Divan Chand Chaudhary, national vice president of Bhartiya Kisan Union, While speaking exclusively to Chinimandi.com reacted on UP budget and said, “Before an election, Yogi government promised that all cane arrears of sugarcane farmers would be cleared within 120 days once BJP comes into power, but so far nothing has been executed. Also, they assured that within 14 days cane growers would receive the payment, but many farmers yet have not received the full payment.”
“Uttar Pradesh me chini udyog ban raha hai bimar udyog (Sugar industry is becoming a sick industry in UP). Sugarcane farmers input cost is increasing, but they are not getting benefitted. In every state somehow cane farmers are struggling because of state government or Central government”, he added.
The annual budget presented by finance minister Rajesh Agarwal in state Assembly is 12 per cent higher than the 2018-19 budget of Rs 4,28,384.52 crore.
As per the report, in Uttar Pradesh Rs 8,000 crore arrears is pending including Rs 1,032 of the previous crushing season.
A few days ago, Bijnor farmer staged a protest in large number and tried to immolate themselves over pending cane dues.
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