Sugar lying unsold at Sanjivani mill’s godowns

Ponda: Sanjivani sugar mill is struggling to sell the last season’s sugar stock of 39,000 quintals. The sugar is lying unsold at its godowns.

According to the media reports, the mill has sought government approval to sell sugar at a lower rate than the MSP of Rs 31 per kg set by the central government.

The mill had in 2018-19 crushing season produced 41,000 quintals of sugar by crushing 52,838 tonnes of sugarcane. The Civil Supplies Department had purchased around 2,000 quintals of sugar and remaining 39,000 quintals of sugar is lying unsold in the godown.

Last year too, the mill also struggled to sell sugar produced in the 2017-18 season. The mill had then produced 58,336 quintals of sugar. The mill faced difficulty in storing sugar. Therefore, mill sold sugar at a lower rate of Rs 28 per kg as against the MSP of Rs 31 per kg with government approval.

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