Sugar mill facing crunch of cane, water and labour

Balod: As the crushing season is coming to an end, due to various factors sugarcane is still in the field in Balod district, Chhattisgarh. District’s only factory, Karkabhat sugar mill is in trouble due to non-availability of cane, water and labours.

To get rid of this problem, the management is forced to crush cane in the night. As the mill is not getting sugarcane as per requirement, it has become difficult to run it with full capacity.

The motor pump has been damaged, which stopped the necessary water supply to the mills and to get it running, workers are bringing water from a nearby tank and continue crushing during night time.

The mill administration said, “Frequency of cane arriving at the mill for crushing has been reduced, and mill goes for crushing in the night when 400 tonne of cane becomes available.”

On the other side, farmers claim that they are unable to cut cane in fields. Because most of the workers, who do the cutting of cane, have joined the MGNREGA schemes and others are busy in marriage season.


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