Sugar mill should clear cane dues of farmers: Minster

Hapur, Uttar Pradesh: UP Minister Kapil Dev Agrawal has asked the district administration to ensure that the sugar mills in the district clear pending cane dues of the farmers at the earliest, reports Live Hindustan.

Delegation of BKU along with farmers met him in Lucknow and shared the details of the pending cane dues of farmers. During the meeting, they highlighted that farmers are owed a staggering amount of Rs 260 crore by Simbhaoli Sugar Mill. The High Court’s ruling in favor of State Bank of India has declared the mill as bankrupt, raising concerns that if the bank’s official takes control for recovery, the pending payments to the farmers might be jeopardized.

Following the request of the delegation, the minister called the district magistrate and ordered him to recover the pending cane dues of farmers from the mill first.


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