Sugar mills appeal to cane growers to supply fresh and rootless sugarcane

Lucknow: Pipraich (Gorakhpur) and Munderwa (Basti) unit of UP State Sugar Corporation and Sathiav (Azamgarh) sugar mill of Cooperative sector have been established in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. Crushing work has been started by these sugar mills from the month of November, 2019. Although sugar mills are now gradually getting sugarcane to the best of their capacity, But due to the non availability of fresh, clean sugarcane supply, the requisite sugar recovery is not available. Appeal is made to Cane farmers of Pipraich (Gorakhpur) , Munderwa (Basti) and Sathiaw (Azamgarh) sugar mills area to supply fresh agola free and rootless disease-free sugarcane to the mill. There will be a testing through refractometer in the mill premises along with physical verification of the quality of sugarcane supplied to the sugar mills.

In case of supply of old dry sugarcane to the mills, necessary action will be taken under the provisions given in section 46 regarding payment of Cane price. It has also been decided that if sugarcane is found old or dry during testing, such sugarcane will not be accepted and the Bonds of such Cane farmers will be closed.

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