Sugar mills clear Rs 53 crore cane arrears in one day

Muzaffarnagar: Sugar mills from the district have cleared cane arrears around Rs 53 crore in one day.

According to the news report published in, District cane officer RD Dwivedi said, “The sugar mills have paid Rs 53 crore to the cane growers on Monday. The mills that clear sugarcane dues include Tikaula sugar mill, that has paid Rs 3 crore, Titawi sugar mill cleared Rs 22 crore, Rohana sugar mill paid Rs 3 crore, Mansurpur sugar mill paid Rs 7 crore, Khaikhedi sugar mill paid Rs 6.50 crore and Bhaisana sugar mill paid Rs 11 crore.”

According to the state government, the administration is monitoring the cane payment and many sugar mills have cleared pending arrears fearing government’s action. The mills claim that due to coronavirus and low sugar sales, they are facing financial crisis and are unable to clear the cane dues.

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