Maharashtra: Sugar mills earn Rs 2,428 crore by selling electricity

Pune: Maharashtra’s sugar industry has helped the state government to ease the power crisis during summer amid shortage of coal and consequently power outages.

The sugar mills in the state have earned Rs 2,428 crore by selling power from their co-generation plants.

As per the report released by sugar commissionerate, mills have earned revenue of Rs 2428.78 crore by selling 384.30 crore power units. They are generating revenue by diversification which is helping them to pay farmers good returns.

During the 2020-21 crushing season, the sugar industry generated as many as 675.57 crore units of power out of which 384.30 units were sold to the power grid while the remaining 212.99 crore units were consumed by the mills themselves, reducing the burden on the state electricity.



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