Sugar mills engage in sanitiser production are likely to continue manufacturing even after they end crushing operations


Lucknow: Sugar mills in the Uttar Pradesh are likely to continue their operations even after the crushing season ends as they are engaged in hand sanitiser production. Guarding up to fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Uttar Pradesh has increased the hand sanitiser production from 40,000 litres per day to 2 lakh litres per day in one month. The use of hand sanitisers, according to WHO helps in keeping the coronavirus at bay and breaking the chain of the spread of the virus.

Along with the chemical industries, the sugar mills have entered in the sanitiser production that has helped UP to increase production to meet the market need.

Sanitiser production units have now increased to a total of 82 units. Now 27 sugar mills, 11 distilleries, sanitiser plants and 8 other institutions are engaged in the sanitiser production in the state.


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