Sugar mills from Muzaffarnagar produce record sugar


Muzaffarnagar: Coronavirus has impacted the sugar industry in India, but fighting against the corona, mills are still operating. Despite the corona threat, sugar mills from Muzaffarnagar register record sugar production.

According to the media report, an official said, eight sugar mills from the district that took cane crushing have produced record 115.25 lakh tones of sugar this season. R D Dwiwedi, district cane officer said, “The mills in the district have produced 10% of the states total output by crushing 992 lakh quintal of sugarcane.”

The mills continued crushing during lockdown after State government issued instructions to operate in the interest of cane farmers.

He said, “The crushing will continue till there are crops in the fields.” The crushing season has got prolonged in the State as most of the Gur / Khandsari units have closed their operations prematurely due to lockdown, due to which significant portion of cane that would have gone to them, have been diverted to the sugar mills for crushing in the current season. And this has helped in more sugar production in Uttar Pradesh.

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