Uttar Pradesh: Sugar mills get August 31 deadline


Lucknow: In spite of multiple warning sugarcane arrears in Uttar Pradesh are getting cleared at a snail pace. Now, Yogi government comes at an action mode and warns sugar mills to clear dues of more than Rs 8,200 crore before August 31.

According to the reports, state cane commissioner, Manish Chauhan, held meeting with representatives of private mills on July 31 and asked them to clear full cane dues before August 31, and also instructed them to complete their annual repairing and maintenance at the earliest, so that mills operations for the upcoming season can be started on time without any delay.

Keeping in view the delay in the payment clearing process, the CM Yogi Adityanath strictly instructed the officials that all the dues of cane growers should be paid by August.

The Indian sugar sector is suffering from various hurdles from last two to three years, and to help the sugar mills, among creating buffer stocks, the government had also introduced various measures like soft loan scheme, hike in minimum selling price, scrapping of export duty, 100 per cent rise in import duty, and others. Millers claim that that surplus sugar production and low domestic sugar prices in the crushing season 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 have led to the build-up of cane price arrears.


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