Sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh to face strict action


Lucknow: Over pending cane arrears, Uttar Pradesh government seems to be stern. Warning of strong action against sugar mills, the government said, “It will file a police complaint against them and seize properties if they fail to pay farmers to cane dues.”

Earlier, Yogi had warned that the delay in clearing the arrears of sugarcane farmers would not be tolerated and directed the officials to ensure that sugar mill owners make the full payment of sugarcane farmers by August.

In the Lok Sabha polls, political parties in Uttar Pradesh contested with sugarcane arrears as their key issue. The opposition also did not leave any stone unturned to attack the government.

According to the reports, sugar mills in state owe cane growers at least Rs 9,000 crore.

The government had introduced various measures, including a soft loan scheme, hike in the minimum selling price of sugar and others to help sugar mills clear mounting cane arrears. But, millers failed to clear it, citing surplus sugar and depressed sugar prices.

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