Sugar mills opt for machine harvesters


Aurangabad: Due to restrictions on the availability of farm workers, sugar mills are now opting for mechanized harvesters. 

The crushing season in the state started on 15th October. But the workers, mostly from Marathwada, have reservations about travelling to the sugar belt of western Maharashtra. 

According to the news report published in The Times of India, those associated with the industry have cited the pandemic as well as a drop in the output by the sugarcane cutters as the key reasons for sugar mills to start looking for harvesting machines.

In crushing season 2020-21, the sugar mills are likely to emphasise on harvesting machines rather than depending on the labours for cutting sugarcane crop. 

In Maharashtra, around 6.50 lakh cane harvesters are engaged in cane crushing activities. But due to covid-19, and protest from cane cutters organisation in the state for their various demands, it is uncertain whether they will participate in the crushing season. 


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