“Sugar mills will not be allowed to harvest and crush sugarcane if millers don’t pay cane price before Oct 15”

Kolhapur: Former MP and Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghatana chief Raju Shetti has demanded that sugar millers should pay the agreed-upon price for sugarcane to the cane farmers that was agreed after the farmers agitation and blockade of Pune-Bengaluru national highway in November last year.

Shetti stated, “The sugar mills will not be allowed to start operations for the forthcoming crushing season if millers fail to clear the dues by October 15.”

Shetti had demanded an additional Rs 400 per tonne above the fair and remunerative price (FRP) set by the Centre for the sugarcane farmers. He claimed that the mills have profited from stable sugar prices and increased ethanol prices, so they must pay Rs 400 per tonne in addition to the FRP.

Despite blocking the national highway and frequent protests earlier, the millers did not agree. However, after the highway blockade, Guardian Minister Hasan Mushrif intervened and persuaded the millers to comply. “The millers gave a written assurance that they would pay Rs 50 to Rs 100 per tonne based on the sugar recovery rate. While the FRP amount is paid according to the revenue-sharing formula, the additional amount agreed upon by both farmers and millers must also be paid,” said Shetti.

“Crushing season usually begins in October. But we will not let the sugarcane be cut and taken to the mills until the millers pay the dues assured to the farmers,” said Shetti.


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