Sugar output in Brazil recovered in second half of June: Unica


Sugar production in the centre-south (CS) region of Brazil has recovered from the poor performance in the first part of June and in the second half of June reached 2.89 million tonnes. During the first part of June, the mills had produced only 2.19 million tonnes, stated a report by industry group Unica.

Unica said that Brazil’s CS sugar output late in June was also 5.6 per cent better than in the same period last year. The mills in the region have crushed 45 million tonnes of cane which is 4.4 per cent more than the last year.

Persistent dry weather in Brazil is likely to affect the sugar production in the country. In a recent release, food trader and supply chain services provider Czarnikow had revised the sugar output forecast for the 2021-22 season. It stated that Brazil’s centre-south (CS) sugar production will be at 34.1 million tonnes, down from an earlier projection of 35.6 million tonnes.


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