Sugar output likely to increase in US for 2020-21 season


Washington: Sugar output in the US is estimated to increase, which will increase the supply of commodities in the market and lower the imports, said the US Department of Agriculture.

The Department in its World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates report has stated that sugar output from sugarcane and sugar beet is estimated to increase in the year 2020-21 from 13.5% to 14.4%.

Total sugar output is estimated to increase to 9,156,000 tons, higher than 1,007,000 tons from 2019-20 and increased by 195,632 tons forecast in December.

The sugar output from sugar beet is estimated to be 4,992,000 tons, up by 641,000 tons from last year. The sugar output from sugar beet is estimated to be 4,163,000 tons, up by 365,000 tons from last year.

The USDA stated that the data from the sugar beet producing regions have shown an increase in the sucrose recovery to 14.955% that has resulted in increasing sugar output estimates.

The sugar imports have been reduced by 84,539 tons in November to 3,344,000 tons for 2020-21 which is lower by 891,000 tons from 2019-20. The CONADESUCA report states that there was reduction in tariff-rate quota imports by 87,000 tons to 1,721,000 tons, said USDA.


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