Sugar prices decline in Kenya


As sugar production has increased in the country, the prices at the retail market have been lowered by Sh18 per kg in the last two months. The consumers are benefitting from the lower prices.

According to the media report, a two-kilo packet of the sugar is now retailing at Sh189 for Kabras sugar, Sh206 for Ndhiwa and Sh210 for a locally packaged product, from a high of Sh225 in January.

The prices have fallen after the government has taken strict action on restricting the import of sugar in the country to keep a check on the flooding cheap sugar in the market that had initially been blamed by processors for depressed prices.

The lowering of sugar rates has been attributed to the increase in the local production of sugar. Total 603,788 tonnes of sugar has been produced in 2020 as compared to 440,935 metric tonnes in 2019.


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