Sugar prices drop in Kenya


The prices of sugar have witnessed a drop in Kenya as per the research conducted by the Nation at Quickmart Supermarket. The prices have dropped down from Ksh 235 to Ksh 220 for 2 kg and for 1 kg sugar the prices have dropped from Ksh 125 to Ksh 115.

The sugar price for 2 kg pack at Naivas Supermarket has been dropped from Ksh 231 to Ksh 214 and for 1 kg packet, it has dropped from Ksh 116 to Ksh 111.

Confirming the drop of sugar prices, Francis Ooko, Receiver Manager, Muhoroni Sugar said the prices of 50 kg sugar bag has been lowered from Ksh 4700 to Ksh 4,400.

The sugar millers cite the reason for fall in sugar prices to the panic situation among the distributors that are fearing of cheap import of sugar from the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) bloc.


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