Sugar prices in Pakistan up at Rs 143 per kg

Sugar prices in Pakistan surged to Rs143 per kilogram in retail markets, as reported by media, citing an official document. The data from official sources reveals that in December of the previous year, sugar was retailed at Rs95.29 per kilogram. Over the last year, there was an increase of Rs48 per kilogram in the average price of the commodity, reported Arynews.

Further insights indicate regional variations in sugar prices, with Quetta witnessing the highest rate at Rs174 per kilogram, followed by Peshawar and Islamabad at Rs150 per kilogram. Rawalpindi and Lahore also share the same retail price of Rs150 per kilogram, while Sargodha, Multan, and Gujranwala have a rate of Rs145 per kilogram.

On November 29, it came to light that the Utility Stores Corporation (USC) had acquired 40,000 metric tonnes of sugar at Rs124.90 per kilogram. Sources familiar with the matter disclosed that the procurement was carried out by the tender issued the previous month. Notably, this acquisition reflects a cost reduction of Rs10.37 per kilogram compared to the corporation’s previous tender. After factoring in additional expenses, the overall cost of sugar to the Utility Stores Corporation is projected to be Rs138.


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