Sugar Prices Shoot Up By 15% In Ludhiana


LUDHIANA: Sugar prices in the city have shot up by more than 15% in the past 10 days, leaving housewives fuming. The retail price of sugar, which was hovering at around Rs32 per kg just 10 days ago, has shot up to Rs38 per kg now. Shopkeepers are of the view that the rates are likely to rise further due to cutting of production by sugar mills.

According to Narendar Pal, owner of Dashmesh Departmental Store: “All we know is that sugar production by companies has been reduced, due to which prices are fluctuating on a daily basis. A lot of customers are complaining about the prices, but we cannot do anything, as we have no control over prices. It all depends on manufacturers.”

Shopkeepers are of the view that regardless of the rise in price of sugar, demand has not dipped, since it was a regular requirement, but they are demanding that the price be fixed in everyone’s best interest. According to Sushil Malhotra, owner of Kashmir Karyana Store: “I would say the current price should be fixed, keeping in view the needs of local farmers, as they should also earn enough. There is no change in my profit from sale as a retailer, but this just might be a suitable price for wholesalers and farmers.”
Being the most essential ingredient in the kitchen, the sudden escalation of sugar price is adversely affecting many households. Home-maker Manisha Gugnani says: “As it is summer, we generally give our kids home-made sugar drinks to cope with the heat. This is something we can’t reduce, so the price rise has become a burden on our budgets.”

Another home-maker, Parveen Sharma, says: “Prices are rising every day. Our daily sugar needs can’t be reduced further. The increase in prices of sugar and other essential household articles has created difficulties for the common man.”

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