Sugar Prices Soften By Rs.50/Qtl. On Heavy Stocks, Limited Offtake

Chini Mandi (Aug 13): Sugar prices fell by Rs 50 per quintal in the wholesale market here today due to increased stocks and weak demand from bulk consumers.
Increased stocks after continued supplies from mills mainly pulled down sweetener prices, traders said.
Meanwhile, sporadic demand from bulk consumers ahead of festive season somewhat managed to cap heavy falls in sweetener prices, they added.
Mill delivery M-30 and S-30 prices shed by Rs 20 each to close at Rs 3,190-3,340 and Rs 3,180-3,330 per quintal.
In the mill gate section, sugar Shamili, Dorala and Sakoti declined by Rs 50 each to conclude at Rs 3,230, Rs 3,190, Rs 3,230 and Rs 3,190 per quintal.
Sathiaon Rs.3210, Ghosi Rs.3190, Nanpara Rs.3165, Mahmudabad Rs.3155, Belrayan Rs.3115 Sampurnanagar Rs.3110, Bisalpur Rs.3135 Puranpur Rs.3155, Puwayan Rs.3160, Tilhar Rs.3155, Semikhera Rs.3165, Kaimganj Rs.3160, Anupshahar Rs.3145, Badaun Rs.3150, Gajraulla Rs.3165, Baghpat Rs.3165, Nanauta Rs.3150, Morna Rs.3165, Ramala Rs.3150, Snehroad Rs.3165, Sarsawa Rs.3155, Sathiaon Rs.3210, Goshi Rs.3200, Nanpara Rs.3165, Mahmudabad Rs.3155, Belrayan Rs.3115, Sampurnanagar Rs.3110, Tilhar Rs.3155, Bisalpur Rs.3135, Puranpur Rs.3155, Powayan Rs.3160, Semikhera Rs.3165, Kaimganj Rs.3160, Anoopshahr-3145, Gajraula- 3165 ,Badaun-3150, Morna-3165, Ramala- 3150, Sarsawa-3155, Nanauta-3150, Snehroad-3165, Bagpat-3165



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