Philippines: Sugar producers raise concern over hike in fertilizer price


A sharp increase in the prices of fertilizer has increased the worries of sugar producers. A group of sugar producers have expressed concern over the issue.

According to the media report, they claim that this may lead to the lower productivity of the produce and impact the food security programme of the government.

Raymond Montinola, president of the Confederation of Sugar Producers Association Inc. (Confed) said that they have thanked the Agriculture Secretary William Dar to address their problem and have also pointed out the continuous rise in the price of fertilizers, especially Urea.

Montinola said they told Dar that the federation is appreciative of the assistance extended by the Department of Agriculture. Especially
regarding organizing meeting with the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA), Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) and the Planters Products Inc in July. And also link them with a major fertilizer importer-trader that could give a reasonable price.

He said, “Despite this the prices of fertilizers continue to increase but the sugar prices have remained stable.”

“The fertilizer prices have almost doubled from October 2020 to till date from P845 per bag to P2, 005 per bag, Montinola further added.

He said that while the price of Urea and related farming costs continue to skyrocket to unprecedented levels, sugar prices remain the same.


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