Sugar Production Declines In First Two Months Of Crushing


ChiniMandi, Kolhapur: The sugar production for current season has declined. The drought-like situations,  Armyworm manifestations, and delay in a start of crushing due to cane price nuisances are some reason for lowered sugar production on a national level.

Even in the adequate availability of cane, the production came down by 15% in the initial phase of the season and it’s being assumed that the production quantity will somewhere match with last year’s numbers.

This year the crushing season initiated on 15th Oct, till 15th November, the production had reached 11 lakh 63 thousand tonnes where last year it was recorded to be 13 lakh 73 thousand tonnes. As per observant, this decline is mainly due to drought situations and delay in crushing.

This year 527 sugar mills are expected to participate in sugar season.

Maharashtra in a satisfactory situation

Maharashtra’s sugar production has recorded to be satisfactory than last year, this year is it 6 lakh 31 thousand tonnes from 108 mills where last year it was 3 lakh 26 thousand tonnes from 160 mills on same dates.



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