Sugar production in Maharashtra till April 3 at 59.22 lakh tonnes


Pune: Many industries across the world are impacted by Coronavirus (Covid-19), and the sugar industry is one of them. In India, many sugar mills are still operating as sugarcane is standing in the fields. But the mills’ working pace is slow due to non-availability of workers, and cane harvesters.

As per data from Maharashtra Sugar Commissionerate, till 3rd April, 528.34 lakh tonnes sugarcane was crushed and mills produced 59.22 lakh tonnes of sugar with a recovery rate of 11.21 per cent.

Overall 146 sugar mills, which includes 67 private sugar mills and 79 cooperative sugar mills, participated in the crushing season 2019-20 in Maharashtra.

Speaking about the country’s sugar production, then according to the ISMA, till March 31, 232.74 lakh tonnes of sugar was produced.

In its recent release ISMA said, “Wherever there is any availability of sugarcane, the sugar mills are making all efforts to ensure that the farmers do not face any problem, and sugar mills in those areas are operating.”


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