Sugar production likely to rise in Maharashtra

Pune: Maharashtra’s sugar production for the crushing year 2023-24 is anticipated to exhibit a positive trajectory, buoyed by an upswing in sugarcane yield.

The surge in production is primarily attributed to the Marathwada, Ahmednagar, and Solapur regions in Maharashtra.

Bhairavnath B Thombare, CMD of Natural Sugar and Allied Industries, a Latur-headquartered company with mills in Dharashiv and Yavatmal districts of Maharashtra, while speaking to ChiniMandi said that they have seen a 15 per cent increase in per-hectare yields. Thombare noted that unseasonal rain has proven to be a fortuitous factor, with per-hectare yields reaching 95 tonnes in their region, prompting a revision of production estimates.

As per reports, sugar production in Maharashtra likely to be revised upwards.

According to the National Federation of Cooperative sugar Factories Limited (NFCSF) data released on December 15, 2023, sugar production estimation is pegged at 85 lakh tonnes. But with the recent increase in sugarcane acreage, it is likely to rise.



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