Sugar production slightly increases in Philippines


Manila: The sugar production in the country has increased slightly by 4.63 per cent this year, reports local media.

The Sugar Regulatory Authority (SRA) has stated that as of January 2, 2022, the country has produced 657,352 metric tons (MT) raw sugar, compared to 628,286 MT during the same period last year.

During last week, the growth was however at 10.11% to 616,333 MT compared with the same period during last year which was 559,726 MT.

The current supply of raw sugar has increased by 3.15% to 910,870 MT compared to 883,046 MT last year.

According to the SRA, the demand for raw sugar has increased by 10% to 559,472 MT. It is expected that the sugar output will reach 2.0997 million MT.


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