Sugar traders and suppliers won’t face any issue supplying sugar during lockdown


COVID-19 has knocked the sugar industry in various ways like farmers in a worrisome scenario with standing crop, lack of demand, piling sugar stocks, financial pressure on sugar mills, stoppage in trades and transportation of sugar stocks.

In an initiative taken by to express the issues various stakeholders are facing during the lockdown around the country, the issue of slowdown on transportation or opening of godowns was expressed to Mr. Daulat Desai – Collector – Kolhapur District. Desai, expressed his views that, “No sugar trader or supplier would face any hindrances in supply of sugar stocks during the lockdown in the country since sugar is an essential commodity.”

“Every sugar trader or suppliers association should get in touch with their respective District Supply Officer where they would be issued an Identity Card that would allow them to carry their trade and supply activities smooth.” He added




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