Sugar Weakens On Poor Offtake


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Mumbai, Mar 12 (PTI) Prices of both the varieties of sugar weakened at the Vashi wholesale market following poor offtake from stockists and bulk consumers amidst ample stock positions.

Small sugar (S-30) prices edged down by Rs 10 per quintal to Rs 3,140/3,222 from Saturdays close Rs 3140/3,232.

Medium sugar (M-30) prices moved down by Rs 18 per quintal to Rs 3,192/3,410 as compared Rs 3,210/3,410 previously.

Following are todays closing rates for sugar (per quintal) with the previous rates given in brackets:

Small sugar (S-30) quality: Rs 3,140/3,222 (Rs 3,140/3,232).

Medium sugar (M-30) quality: Rs 3,192/3,410 (Rs 3,210/3,410). PTI RD ANS ANS

SOURCEIndia Today


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