Sugar will continue to be primary focus despite ethanol expansion: BCML

Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd (BCML) said that sugar will continue to be the primary focus, despite a expansion in ethanol production to around 33 crore litres expected between November and April this season, reported PTI.

Avantika Saraogi, BCML Promoter & Business Lead- New Initiatives, said that the company currently has no immediate plans to enter the sugar retail sector. Saraogi emphasized the company’s goal of achieving a balanced approach to sugar and ethanol production for maximum profitability and sustainable growth, in line with market conditions.

As per news report published in PTI, Saraogi outlined BCML’s projection for a 33:66 ratio between ethanol/alcohol and sugar for the year, marking an increase from the previous year’s ethanol revenue share of approximately 28 per cent. The decision to optimize the product mix is driven by various factors, including fluctuating sugar prices and the government’s ethanol blending policy.

In terms of production strategy, Saraogi highlighted that the country’s sugar consumption should determine production levels, with any surplus directed towards ethanol.

Recently, in an interview with Chinimandi, she had stated that sugar production in UP will see an increase of 5%, much in line with the expectation of ISMA.


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