Sugarcane and maize farmers to benefit from Shankargarh distillery

Prayagraj: In a promising development for farmers in Prayagraj and neighboring districts engaged in sugarcane and maize cultivation, an upcoming distillery in the Shankargarh area is set to utilize both crops for liquor production, reported The Times of India

Notably, the distillery, overseen by Mahakaushal Agri Crop India (P) Ltd, is expanding its production capacity to 80 kilolitres per day, up from the initial 58 kilolitres per day.

Construction began in December last year, and the company is working diligently towards a production launch, anticipating the creation of rum, whiskey, brandy, gin, and ethanol, with an investment of around Rs 250 crore by September, according to Rakesh Jaiswal, Managing Director of Mahakaushal Agri Crop India (Pvt.) Limited.

In a bid to support local farmers, the distillery plans to purchase not only sugarcane but also maize for liquor production. Additionally, the company will buy stubble from farmers to be used in the boilers, offering an alternative and lucrative solution to the stubble burning issue contributing to pollution.

“The unit will produce rum, whiskey, brandy, and gin, along with ethanol. Efforts are being made to start production in the unit by September,” stated Jaiswal, emphasizing the company’s commitment to diversifying its product range. Furthermore, maize liquor will be a significant addition, with the company actively encouraging farmers in Prayagraj and across the country to cultivate maize, thereby bolstering their income.


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