Sugarcane Commissioner directs regional officials to motivate sugarcane farmers to download app to protect themselves from lightning


Lucknow: Commissioner, Cane and Sugar Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy has directed all the regional officials of the state to motivate the sugarcane farmers and department employees to download the Damini: Lightning Alert Mobile App from the Google Play Store, to protect themselves from lightning during rainy season.

Giving detailed information in this regard, Shri Bhoosreddy said that the Damini: Lightning Alert Mobile App has been developed by the Indian Institute of Tropical Metrology, Pune. This mobile app is available free on the Google Play Store. After registering and keeping on the location, this app displays the possibility of striking lightning at that place on the mobile well in advance. It enables users to reach the safe place in time. This app also provides information to the user regarding the ways of protection from lightning.

Departmental officers have also been directed for wide publicity of the guidelines issued to avoid celestial Lightning losses. In these guidelines, sugarcane farmers are advised not to take shelter in open fields, under trees, hilly areas, rocks during celestial lightning. And it has also been told to avoid lying flat on the ground during lightning in rainy season. In this advisory, sugarcane farmers and departmental employees have also been suggested to stay away from ponds, lakes and other items which are conductor of electricity during the rainy season. And it has also been told not to wash metal utensils during the time of celestial lightning and also avoid bathing.

Cane Commissioner also told that during the thunderstorms one should not use electrical equipment or wired phones and do not live in waterlogged fields. If a person gets stuck in an open space during a lightning and there is no hiding place nearby, in such a situation keeps both hands on ears, bend slightly downwards and make sure that both heels of your feet is touching each other

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