Sugarcane Commissioner gives instructions to sugar mills to prevent spread of corona virus infection


Lucknow: Commissioner sugarcane and sugar, Uttar Pradesh Mr. Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy said that at present sugarcane crushing work in sugar mills is at a peak and there is regular movement of farmers and employees at mill gate and external purchasing centers. Due to which, inadvertently, contact with an infected person increases the possibility of spreading the corona virus to other people. Prevention of this epidemic is the best solution and in view of this, all the sugar mills of the state have been instructed not to let the crowd gather at any point at the millgate and external purchasing centers and all the farmers should wait in their vehicles till their turn comes. Do not gather and sit. In all the mills, they have been asked by the mill yards to ensure the arrangement of soap in place of water system.

Giving detailed information in this regard, Mr. Bhoosreddy said that the disease could be avoided by not unnecessarily gathering in groups, keeping at least one-metre distance from each other and washing hands thoroughly with soap and water at regular intervals. He has appealed to the farmers not to congregate in groups and avoid shaking hands, hugs etc. and to stay at a safe distance among themselves. He urged the farmers to wait for the weight of his cane in the vehicle and immediately after the cane weighing be departing for their destination. He appeared to follow the guidelines issued from time to time by the Government to prevent this epidemic.


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